Innovation of marketing automation and the plug-in hybrid electrical vehicle

Innovation of marketing automation and the plug-in hybrid electrical vehicle

The plug-in hybrid electrical vehicle has reduced fuel consumption in the automobile industry just the same way marketing automation toolkits have made work easier. Both of these toolsets were developed after industrial revolution where there were various innovations of diverse sources of power. The marketing automation toolkits work with computers, which are powered by electricity while the PIHEV uses batteries, which are recharged by electricity. They share similarities in terms of business solutions and moving enterprises to a higher level.

What are some of the similarities?

Cost challenges

The two came into existence from challenging use of email automation or their previous tools available in the market at that time. The plug-in hybrid electrical vehicle was invented after the Toyota- a Japan-based vehicle company produced releases fuel efficient vehicles, at that time gasoline was affordable. This made the vehicle to have low sales at the time of innovation in 1997. After a sharp increase in fuel prices in the World Market, consumers saw the importance of the vehicle in terms of fuel efficiency hence a massive sell out. Marketing solutions, on the other hand, took advantage of the high prices in mainstream media in the advertisement. Small enterprises could not have a chance to advertise their products in the print and audio media. They were left for Blue chip companies. The availability of the internet and provision of various programming knowledge made the tool to have a wider market from small enterprises.


Both innovations attribute to their massive entry to the market because of their integrated features making them have an added advantage over traditional toolsets. Marketing automation tools are integrated with other links like the social media platforms, WordPress integration, text and email-based communication platforms among others. Comparatively, the plug-in hybrid electrical vehicle incorporates the electrical and the mechanical engine system to drive the vehicle. All these integrations aim to ensure effective and efficient service provision.


The two tools face stiff competition among toolkits with the same objective. Currently, there are many marketing solutions available in the market since the onset of the innovation. This is advantageous to the consumers since they get the value of their products since there is no monopoly of single software developers. After the massive demand for the electric-power vehicles, other manufacturers have come in the picture making competition the order of the game resulting to affordable toolsets with quality development- a great issue to consumers.

Creation of additional services

These two highly rely on other manufacturing sectors for their success. This had led to the development of other sectors of the economy n form of taxes like battery manufacturing companies and electrical appliances. Marketing automation solutions have also led to the innovation of affordable Email marketing campaigns and software toolsets.

In as much as the two serve diverse clients, they have similar traits in terms of development, manufacturer and their effects on their clientele. The digital technology has played a big role in the growth of the two industries.



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